Roche products ltd. Saudi Arabia hosted a series of seminars with Dr. Vladimir Misik from Long Taal clinical research & data Analysis Company to discuss the opportunities, challenges as well as the critical components needed to have the kingdom as a hub for international clinical trials in the region.

In his lectures, Dr. Vladimir Misik affirmed that clinical trials in Saudi Arabia would provide access to approximately 5,000 Saudi patients annually to cutting edge therapies, would create more than 2,000 high-end jobs for the economy, and would bring some $160m in R&D investment into the country annually (almost 40% of the current total annual R&D spends in the Kingdom.

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From left: Dr. Raed Abdulrazek, Dr. Vladimir Misik, Dr. Adel Alqutub, Dr. Mohamed Altanir, Dr. Hany Khalifa, Dr. Tamer Elmahallawy.

From left: Dr. Abdelali Haoudi, Dr. Ahmed Alaskar, Dr. Vladimir Misik, Tamer Elmahallawy, Hany Khalifa, Raed Abdulrazek