LongTaal provides the industry’s first class clinical trials intelligence, enabling pharma companies, investigators, regulators, academics and CROs fast access to essential data for trial planning & management. Our clients are thus able to understand sponsors’ clinical development strategy, understand the market dynamics in the pharma industry and achieve higher feasibility accuracy.

With our services you will save hours of research and quickly access clinical trial details, such as trial locations, site information, market share development and quality with data based on:

  • Over 55.000 industry sponsored studies
  • Covering more than 150 countries
  • 24 top level therapeutic areas with drill down to 1.700 level 2 areas

In more detail, we offer more than 7 years of following analytics and trends on a country, regional and global level:

  • # biopharma clinical trials (BPCT)
  • # investigator sites
  • Investigator site density
  • Trials by therapeutic area
  • Market growth trends
  • Country market share
  • Sponsor market share
  • Accessibility to clinical trials
  • Research bias indicator
  • Site Quality

Depending on your needs, we deliver our analytics in dynamic visualizations or as reports with commentaries.